A Not So Perfect Christmas


This sermon series resonates with me. Since my children were born, I wanted this holiday to be perfect for them - baking cookies, trimming a tree, ice skating in a park, singing carols, opening presents and our children overjoyed with delight - you get the picture. And each year I am humbly reminded that for all my visions of perfection the execution is not anywhere close. I am left alone in the kitchen with a pile of unformed cookie dough after the excitement of cookies wears off. I am left trimming the tree with my husband after the kids go to bed. Ice skating turns into A LOT OF WORK. My children love singing but tire of 4 stanzas and only want to sing the refrain. I am happy to say, however, that opening presents is still a great joy.

This year I will make sure to find time away to enjoy the season - sing carols for the sheer delight and enjoyment for myself. Bake cookies when I want. I'll skip the ice skating.

Enjoy Pastor Garey's sermon series as he explores A Not So Perfect Christmas