Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest  Matthew 11:28

At Silverbrook United Methodist Church, we offer many different opportunities to Rest. Our church is situated on approximately 1.5 acres surrounded by trees and parkland.

Looking for private quiet time to sit and reflect on how the Lord can work in your life? Our church is open for prayer twice a week on Wed (10am-2pm) and Thurs (10am-12pm). Our sanctuary is attended and we respect your need for privacy.

Enjoy a walk on our Prayer Path (coming soon!) - Our Prayer Path will foster meditation and allow for self-guided walk through 5 meditation stations with verse/scripture for you to use as a departure point on your meditative walk. The Prayer Path is intended to introduce Christian thoughts to individuals who are still seeking as well as to deepen faith in those on their way.

Take a load off your feet and rest on our swing or benches - enjoy your lunch or just enjoy nature on our grounds.

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