Giving, offering, tithing?

Bless what we give; may it speak words of compassion, mercy, and love as it empowers your mission and ministry.

One-Time Tithe

Tithe to SUMC

Historic Preservation

Donate to the historic preservation and restoration of our century old church. Past projects included exterior lead abatement, repainting, exterior window restoration, and wood replacement.
Read more about our history here

Wilson Scholarship Fund

Contributions to this fund allow us to send children to Camp Highroad who otherwise may not be able to attend. Read more about Harold J. Wilson here

Capital Fund

Contributions to this fund will go toward our church Capital improvements. Past projects included a new furnace.

Pastor's Fund

Contributions to this fund allow our Pastor to provide community assistance to those in need.

Cemetery Fund

Contributions to this fund go toward the Maintenance of our cemetery including mowing and flowers.
Visit our Cemetery Page here